Governor Phuket Thailand Impress with Smart City in Denpasar, One of Rai Mantra Program

Jumat, 18 November 2016 | 14:02 WITA

Rai Mantra accept the visitation of Governor Phuket Thailand, DR. Chockchi Dejamornthan, related about developing smart city program. [source: istimewa]

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Beritabali.com - Denpasar. The success of Mayor of Denpasar, I.B Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra, in developing smart city and tourism program in Denpasar as a sustainable one, make Governur Phuket Thailand, DR. Chockchi Dejamornthan, visit over to Denpasar. This visitation was accept by I.B Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra, Thursday (17/11) at his office. 

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Chockchi Dejamornthan said that He's so impress and want to make a coorperation program about developing smart city concept with Denpasar City. Then, He alo said that there's some similitary between Phuket and Denpasar, such as in tourism area that have a unique thing than the other places. The example one is in Sanur area, DR. Chockichi thought that this place is very unique with colaboration between tradition and culture. 
Beside that, in this visitation, DR. Chockichi  and team want to obtain a deep understanding of smart city program that already run by Mayor Rai Mantra, including his online citizen service program. 
"We hope the program that runs by Mayor of Denpasar can we adopt in Phuket Thailand," Chockchi said by translator. 
In Addition, Chockchi also impress with Online Citizen Accusation Program (Pro Denpasar). That, within this program, government can give a quick service respon for the citizen. Beside that, citizen also can deliver accusation or complain to Denpasar Government. Then, He also want to make a coorperation in international area by sister city concept for supporting and accelerating tourism development, culture, environment, economy, and investment between both side.
Mayor rai Mantra in this opportunity said thanks to the visitation of Governor Phuket Thailand to Denpasar. 
"This accusation program make an easy way to us in coordination and communication in the filed," Rai Mantra said. 
Smart City program give acceleration service like Pro Denpasar that include services until traffic info in Denpasar City. Traffic flow handling also arrange using technoloy name Area Traffic Conttrol Sistem (ATCS) program. Observation using CCTV in every corner of Denpasar road also have been apllied. This program just not for traffic but also for observing criminal activities. 
Concerning the time,acctually this is not the first time for Smart City Program application in Denpasar. Before it  used now, Badan Penanggulangan Bencanan (BPBD) Denpasar City have been take advantage this technology for emergency situation. 
In this opportunity, Mayor Rai Mantra also introduce Denpasar Culinary like loloh and another traditional food for DR. Chockchi Dejamornthan.  [Ngurah/wrt]

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