Lembeng Beach, Turtle Nesting Favorite Location

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Lembeng Beach located on the highway By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra, Ketewel Village, Gianyar, Bali, has been the favorite location of turtle nesting. Local people have protected the eggs by moving them to the nearest hatchery location on Saba Beach Gianyar.

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    Wayan Sumerta and Made Mayun, told this to beritabali.com, in Denpasar, (13/07/2017).
    "Turtles usually land on the Lembeng Beach at night, usually in the days leading up to the full moon, when the beaches are in mild conditions with moonlight," Wayan said.
    Turtle nesting activity is usually watch by citizens around the beach, including tourists who are on Lembeng Beach. Turtles lay their eggs along the coast of Lembeng Beach. After laying eggs, the turtles will return to the sea.
    "To save the turtle eggs, we Lembeng residents usually take it to the center of the turtle egg hatchery on Saba Beach Gianyar, If we do not save, the turtle eggs will be damaged or lost, either because dogs eaten it, or taken by people who are on the beach," Mayun told to us.
    This turtle nesting activity, becomes the main attraction for the people around and also tourists. Although not many people know the Lembeng Coast became a favorite destination of nesting turtle, but many have come to be able to see the activity of turtles while laying eggs, especially in the moments before the full moon.
    "Turtle laying is only in the area of Lembeng Beach, on the beaches next to it like the beach Biaung or Gumicik, we have never heard of turtles lay their eggs," Sumerta said.
    According to Sumerta, Lembeng Beach since ancient times it has been routinely visited by green turtle and leatherback species, which come to lay eggs. In fact, the ancient village of Lembeng Village, often get turtles for religious ceremonies from Lembeng Beach.
    "Our village elders used to get turtles for Hindu ceremonial facilities from Lembeng beach, all given by nature, and before our elders had got some kind of" pawisik "that would get turtles for ceremonial facilities, and it turns out that villagers got two turtles are large enough for Hindu ceremonies, but outside of religious ceremonies, we do not use turtles for consumption, because they are prohibited by law or law," Wayan said.

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