Delicious Pork Belly with Black Rice -


Delicious Pork Belly with Black Rice

Selasa, 26 Desember 2017 | 14:00 WITA

Culinary Lovers must try this tasty menu, named Pork Belly.

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    The Executive Chef Restaurant Pesisi at The Alantara Sanur, Semara Wimba, said that Pork Belly smeared with base rajang, typically balinese flavor.
    "The concept of Balinese is very strong in this Pok Belly menu, because sam-sam is smeared with chilli base with a little chilli blend, of course give the taste of traditional Balinese spice when eaten," he explained.
    The thing that makes the menu difference from others, is presented with Black Rice (black rice).
    "Making this menu is different from the taste of pork meat as well as served with Black Rice Organic. This particular rice is planted in Tabanan Bali area, certainly able to shake the tongue while eaten, and it is very good for health because the rice is organic," he said.
    Semara added, the menu that included Lawar Kacang and slightly grated coconut sold at Rp175 thousand so it is still very affordable price. [bbn/wrt]

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