The Festival of Colours-Holi: Reaffirming The Connect Between India and Indonesia

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Beritabali.com.Denpasar. It was all excitement in Puputan Badung in the afternoon of Saturday, (10/3). The Consulate General of India in Bali, in association with the Indian Culture Centre in Bali and the Balinese Indian Friendship Association had organized the Indian Festival of Colours-Holi in the park on that day. The park was filled with people eager to play Holi much before the commencement of the festivities. 

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    Puputan Badung Park has an Indian connection. It was here, in 1950, that India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the Balinese people during his State visit to Indonesia. On Saturday, the 10th March 2018, the Park was fittingly the venue for reaffirming the connect between India and Indonesia and with Bali in particular.  
    Holi is an ancient Hindu festival, the origin of which has many stories. But most significantly, it celebrates the end of a long winter in India and the beginning of spring. It is a time to begin enjoying the abundance of the colours of spring and to say good bye to the cold winter. The participants play and colour each other and indulge themselves in singing and dancing to take full enjoyment of the advent of spring.g
    The function was graced by the presence of the members of the diplomatic corps and a colourful mix of Indians, Indonesians and expats who enjoyed the entertainment that was put on show, apart from joining the fun and frolic by applying the colours of Holi liberally on each other as sign of friendship and universal brotherhood. 

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  • The Consul General of India in Bali, Mr. R.O. Sunil Babu, welcomed the gathering and urged them to enjoy the fun of Holi. He briefed on the popular origins of Holi celebration in Hindu mythology and remarked that it was an occasion for fun as well as one to rekindle friendships and build new ones. 
    As part of the celebration the students of Indian Cultural Centre led by ICC Dance Teacher Mrs. Preeti Sinha presented  Indian Dance performed with Rajasthani Folk Song “Holiya Mein Ude Rei Gulal” and a dynamic Indian contemporary dance from medley of various Bollywood Song. The celebration was also enlivened by dance performance ‘Des Rangila’ from Brahma Kumaris Denpasar. The gathering enjoyed the dance programe immensely.  Once the dances were over, the celebrations began in right earnest, with the crowd playing Holi with colours and water, having fun that they had witnessed only in Bollywood movies.(bbn/rls/rob)

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