Nginang Tradition as A Form Of Respect to Guests and to Spur Sexuality

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The Nginang tradition or betel leaf chewing for Balinese people is closely related to social ritual, namely respect for guests. Betel is also offered to ancestral spirits and is used for healing rituals and life cycle rituals.

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    This was revealed in a paper entitled "The Meaning Porosan in the Canang Sari as Daily Routine Offerings in Hindu Communities in Bali" written by Nengah Bawa Atmadja, Anantawikrama Tungga Atmadja and Tuty Maryati, which were delivered at the 2015 National Innovative Research Seminar, 2015.
    Nengah Bawa Atmadja, Anantawikrama Tungga Atmadja and Tuty Maryati wrote that the habit of betel chewing combined with betel nut and lime is not only done by Balinese people but also commonly applies in Southeast Asia.
    Nginang activity is

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  • very popular because of betel (Piper betle) containing soft narcotics. Consumption of betel mixed with areca nut (Reca katehu) and lime in a chemical reaction produces alkaloids that calm the brain and the central nervous system.
    Besides chewing betel, areca nut, and lime can refer to the power of sexuality. A married couple before common copulation begins by eating betel, areca nut, and lime to scent the breath and soothe the feeling that continues to optimize the power of intimate relationships.
    The impact of betel and areca nut is a symbol of marriage, engagement and invitation to make love. The combination of betel and areca nut is a symbol of sexual intercourse, with the heat of betel nuts and the coldness of betel leaves.
    Nginang is a habit, because ecologically, base and prestige are available in the Balinese natural environment so that consumption is not ecologically, technologically, and economically constrained. (bbn/mul/rob)

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